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Latest Lunsys approach of world class travel & hospitality has great potential to assist your ideas with latest IT services, consultancy & strategy.


Working Towards Future Travel & Hospitality

In this fast pace life with work pressure, people requires a great time spending with family and friends on a holidaying trip without any hurdles or issues of logistics. It has great challenge since customer requirement are more then facilitation channels. This put organization involved in Travel & Hospitality business, a great challenge to provide end to end service to customers using today's technology with online, mobile booking and instance confirmation.

This gives Lunsys an opportunity to bring in great services, which can help organizations and agencies to streamline the process of bookings of holidays, hotels and travel using multiple channel of facilitator.

Effortless hospitality – Multiple Channel – Feature Rich – Fast

Segments We Serve

Lunsys provides great line of services to cater the travel & hospitality segment. Lunsys has good experience in travel & hospitality business minds to bring in values and great ideas to digitized your strategies for leisure.

Travel Booking

With the rapid increase in travel booking, requires systematic approach to quick availability and booking. Our various flavour of solutions can integrate your idea with ease of booking the best travel mode for you.


The best in budget is the mantra when it comes for hotel booking for business or holidaying trip. This involves both the business and leisure feature. By using our service we can provide best of two’s.

Restrau’s Inline

With the competition pepping up for the best food to eat out, it becomes more complex to satisfy your customer with the best one. Convey message is the mantra at first look. We provide the solution for your restaurant application to market your product as the best in the class with unique flavour and cuisine enrich with taste and health bringing more values customer to your business.

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Our Approach

Lunsys can assist in branding your ideas in market with great service in hospitality & travel with reducing total cost of ownership with using agile methodology and constantly working on ever changing customer taste and likes.

We provide the best of its class solution and services to our business partner.

Unique Lunsys

Commitment towards oneness. We have a tradition of treating our customer as our Business Partner which gives us great opportunity to commit ourself at work. Because with our customer growth we can have an exponential growth.