Independent Validation & QA

Latest Lunsys state of the art testing service can assist in independent validation and verification testing projects.


Working Towards Delivering Quality Product

In today’s software world Independent Validation and Testing has became an integral part of software development life cycle. In earlier days, Testing was not having the same waitage as software development. But then so many software developed got crashed and started malfunctioning due to lake of quality. Think of when the software started booking your tickets wrongly or for some other dates. Banking application started deducting money from your account instead of crediting.

Every software developed has to be tested to make sure that any defect can be tracked and fix before software get used by customer in production. Since defects found in production can cause adverse effect to the organization.

Quality Product – Secure – Fast - Scalable

Services we Offered

Lunsys provide an Independent Validation & Testing service to make the system under test robust, secure, defect free, scalable & compatible with required nature. Our Testing excellence team works with a passion of finding defects in the system under test to make it a reliable system. We use various testing methodology and process to confirm product readiness for production.

We undertake complete outsource project for Testing and QA. Our talent pool has the ability and expertise to work on defined major test tool to test the application.

Functional Testing

Our expertise in Functional Testing gives confidence in your application and product to work accurately without any defect. By using tight coupled techniques to make sure the application are tested and meets clients requirement.

Non-Functional Testing

Think of when 1000’s of customer use your application or product at the same time and system does not perform. Using Non-Functional Testing we can make sure that your system develop can be tested to handle any defined load.


We follow proper process of software testing life cycle which covers reviews at earlier stages of software development to find any defect which may come at later stages. With reviews we can assure of quality product and chances of finding defect in production can be minimised.

Using Metrics as Benchmark

We work on capability maturity model to make our testing process more stronger and reliable. We use metrics collected from similar kind of testing on the system and use them as benchmark to cover the risk of finding defect at later stage. This technique helps in reducing the defects and lesser time to deliver your product with almost zero issues in production.

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Our Approach

Lunsys can assist in providing consulting and complete outsourced Independent Testing and QA services. We use CMMi process in testing life cycle of the project.

Following V-Model of approach with early reviews, metrics, risk based & GUI testing, while reducing time and cost with great quality product for use. Quickly adopting different methodologies to reduce defects.

Unique Lunsys

Commitment towards oneness. We have a tradition of working with our customer as our Business Partner which gives us great opportunity to commit ourself at work. Because with our customer growth we can have an exponential growth.