Latest Lunsys unique approach in Education Consulting, IT Service by using technology in managing education assets and optimized utilization within legal norms.


Working Towards Future Education

Have you thought what future has fold in its dates for quick learning, systemized management of the classes and staff, managing performance across multi location, communication result. With these challenges institutions have another exam to prepare for and that is being the best in class institution to study and changing rules. The result is never other than to use strategic approach of world class technology blended with out of box thinking which will emerge the school of future.

Segments We Serve

Lunsys has the expertise to make the institutions available at your fingertips anywhere in the world. To simplify the communication channel between faculty and parents for encouraging students on their outstanding approach of research:

Budget Control

Budget control gives the feature of controlling and allocation budget in various investment ideas to make it effective for any institution to look forward for the proper growth. Proper management of the entire budget.

Staffs & Students

Staffs are the brain which perform innovative ideas for future products along with students. Maintaining the knowledge with close connection with students is one of the feature this segment handles.

Legal & Policies

Quickly changing policies and adhering to the regulation of the education process is cumbersome and takes time. This keep institutions well ahead with the competition.

Exam Process

This is the world of neno technology with internet and online exam are and will the future requirement. This segments helps all this with resulting online.

Time Management & Reports

This is the most trusted and required segment where in each and every employee along with student attendance taken care for better result and each and every person accountability.


My Bus is the core segment which keeps staff and students travelling towards the future of their thoughts.

Many More

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Our Approach

Lunsys can work together to assist in changes to education norms to be implement quickly with reduced total cost of ownership with constantly working with strategies from ever changing education patterns.

We provide the best of its class solution and services to our business partner.

Unique Lunsys

Commitment towards oneness. We have a tradition of working with our customer as our Business Partner which gives us great opportunity to commit ourself at work. Because with our customer growth we can have an exponential growth.